Discipline Introduction

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Discipline Introduction

Basic situation

The discipline has 6 professors, 21 doctors, 10 people with overseas study experience; 1 provincial subsidy expert, 1 “Golden Reserve” expert from the National Food Bureau, 1 “Young Top Talent”, 1 “Outstanding Youth in Hubei Province”, 4 “Chutian Scholars”, 2 “Chutian Students”, and 1 “Changqing Scholars”. This discipline has provincial platforms such as the “Hubei Food Quality and Safety Information Engineering Technology Research Center” and advanced experimental platforms such as HP software testing; builds a school-level scientific research and innovation team of “Internet + agricultural and sideline product information integration and intelligent processing”, and multiple institute-level teams such as “Research on Grain Circulation Information Technology”. In the past three years, the discipline has undertaken a total of 12 national projects and 26 provincial and ministerial projects; won 1 first prize for scientific and technological progress in Hubei Province in 2016 and 2018 respectively; published 156 various academic papers, including 3 ESI papers and 42 SCI papers.

Discipline directions and advantages

There are three directions in this discipline: (1) software engineering technology application in the multimedia field; (2) Intelligent optimization theory and method in software engineering; (3) software engineering for the grain, oil and food industry. The three research directions all rely on the grain, oil and food industry and closely follow the mainstream cutting-edge technology of software development to achieve multidisciplinary cross-integrated research on “computer software, mathematics, grain, oil and food”.

Source of students and quality of talent training

The source of students in this subject mainly comes from the software engineering major which is a first-class construction major in Hubei Province and an excellent provincial teaching organization unit. This discipline has been approved successively for 8 “Production-Tearching Integration, Collaborative Education” projects, including “Talent Training Programs for Strategic Emerging (Pillar) Industries in Hubei Province Ordinary Colleges and Universities”, “Provincial Colleges and Universities to Carry out Transformation (Postgraduate) Development Pilot Program”, and “Ministry of Education - Google Professional Comprehensive Reform”, and won the first, second and third prizes of provincial teaching achievement in 2018. Many graduates from this discipline have entered work in well-known companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Huawei and ZTE.

Talent training goals

Relying on the school’s “big food, big nutrition, bit health” superior discipline group, this discipline trains top software engineering talents with distinctive industry characteristics in the fields of grain, oil and food. In the meantime, this discipline will focus on serving the economic construction of the middle of the middle of the Yangtze River and the practical needs of Hubei province high-quality social development, keeping up with the mainstream cutting-edge technology of software engineering disciplines, and training senior software engineering talents that serve the needs of local economies.

Domestic and foreign influence

In recent years, the influence of this discipline at home and abroad have gradually increased, mainly reflected in:

(1) continuously strengthening international cooperation. More than 20 teachers have been sent to the United States, Australia, Canada and other countries for visiting and learning, attracting well-known foreign universities, including Northeast Oklahoma State University, Deakin University, Aizu University and others, to jointly train graduate students.

(2) steadily enhancing the quality of employment. The survey results of the third-party survey agency MyCOS company show that the average salary of students in this discipline ranks first among all disciplines in the school.

(3) significantly improving social service capabilities. In cooperation with the National Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves, China Mobile, Zall Group etc., it has achieved remarkable achievements in the development of grain, oil and food standards, management informationization and collaborative platform application integration research and development, and talent internship training.